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Our Services


For Springfield, MO and Surrounding Area 

Basic Tune-Up - $80

Full -Tune -Up - $130


Flat Fixes - $15-40

Wheel True(s) - $20-50

Hub Adjustments - $15-35

Shifting Adjustments - $15-25

Derailleur Adjustments - $15-25

Hanger Alignment - $30

Brake Adjustments - $15-25

Brake Bleeds - $30 per system

Brake Pad Install - $25

Shifter Install - $30

Derailleur Install - $30

Brake system install - $30-45

Chain Install - $15

Accessory Install - $10-15

Shop time - $75/hr

Less Common Repairs

Handle bar install - $30

Stem install - $20

Headset install - $45

Headset adjustment - $15-25

Bottom Bracket Install - $45

Bottom Bracket adjustment - $25

Crankset install - $25

Benefits when you purchase an e-bike with us!

-We directly handle all Warranty claims for you.

-We reassemble the Entire bike straight from the factory to guarantee the bike is properly built from the frame up. (includes truing wheels, adjusting hubs, adjusting the bottom bracket and headset, setting up the drivetrain and brake systems, positioning handlebars and controllers, and torquing all bolts and parts down to factory spec.)

-We offer Lifetime Free Adjustments, which helps keep you on the road/trail longer in between tune-ups. Any time the bike doesn't feel quite right, that's when you bring it in so we can catch and fix a problem before it becomes a repair.

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